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Field Service Management Solution.



Durable goods manufacturers and their service partners rely on skilled field service technicians to provide installation, inspection, repair, and maintenance services at customer locations. Companies are currently managing the field service through multiple systems, using phone calls, emails, sticky notes, and paper forms. The inefficient field service processes and systems result in increased customer churn, unproductive service technicians, and missed revenue opportunities with the customers.

Companies need to streamline and mobilize Field Service Management to:

  • Enhance customer experience by delivering the expected service during the first visit,
  • Improve the cost-efficiencies and productivity of the service delivery teams, and
  • Increase predictable revenue streams from service plans and maintenance agreements

End-to-end Field Service Management

Mize Field Service Management (FSM) solution enables field service organizations and their service network partners to improve customer retention, increase technician utilization, and grow service profits.

Mize FSM solution powered by Connected Customer Experience platform and Smart Blox includes:

  • Customer-Centric Field Service to drive customer experience and retention
  • Complete Mobilization of Service Technicians to improve utilization and productivity
  • Orchestration of field service performance to grow service sales from loyal customers

Mize Field Service Management

Customer-Centric Field Service

Customers must be at the center of Field Service Management to enhance service experience and improve customer retention. To meet the rising expectations of connected and empowered customers, Field Service organizations should:

  • Simplify access to the services on any channel and device of customer preference
  • Improve the visibility of the entire field service process to customers
  • Deliver Proactive service proactively to keep products working to customer satisfaction   
  • Engage the Customers to maximize the customer lifetime value

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Simplify Access to Customer Services

My Customer Portal provides a simple and unified access for customers to:

  • Register and Manage Products,
  • Search and access Knowledge,
  • Request and Schedule Service,
  • Buy Service Plans,
  • Receive and Approve service quotes,
  • Check status of service jobs, and
  • Provide feedback on the service experience.

Improve Visibility of Field Service Process

Reduce the number of calls to the contact center from customers by providing

  • Self-service capabilities to find relevant solutions from the knowledge base,
  • The ability to capture detailed information about service request
  • Integration with contact centers for real-time visibility of status of requests and service jobs
  • Proactive notification and alerts on changes

Deliver Proactive Service    

Improve product uptime by delivering pro-active service and predictive maintenance to connected equipment enabled by IoT. Gather usage and diagnostic information to monitor product conditions and dispatch service technicians to maintain or repair equipment in the field.

Engage the customers

Engage customers throughout the service lifecycle by communicating across multiple channels

Maximize customer lifetime value by improving customer retention and increasing sales of Service Plans, Parts & Accessories, Subscriptions, and Services to the loyal customer base.

Integrate customer surveys with different service events to collect customer feedback and improve customer experience.

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Mobilization of Service Technicians

Service Technician productivity and utilization are critical factors to improve service operations and profitability. mTECH mobile application powered by Mize Channel Connect enables Field Service Technicians with easy-to-use and powerful capabilities to streamline end-to-end service tasks:

  • Improve technician utilization by managing Schedules, Routes, and Time
  • Increase first-time fix rate with right Knowledge, Parts, and Tech Support
  • Automate Field Service tasks with digitization of Inspections, Work Orders, and Forms
  • Increase profitability by mobilizing Service Quotes, Service Plans, and Payments

Improve Technician Utilization

The mTECH app helps technicians to manage the schedules, and routes and time to improve utilization and time on the jobs.

Plan Service Schedules

Enable Service Technician to plan for the daily schedule with

  • Simple calendar views,
  • Standard job estimating, and
  • Dispatch and job Organizer

Reduce Travel time

mTECH integrates with Maps for directions, travel time calculations, and route optimization.

Improved visibility into technician work progress and location helps the dispatchers to reduce the travel time between the work locations.

Report and Track Time

mTECH provides an easy way for Technicians to report and track the time on the work orders, travel and non-billable tasks. Perform better labor cost analysis by tracking time for each service task or labor line.

Increase first-time fix rate

Assist the technician with the required Knowledge, Parts, and Technical support to perform the service jobs accurately and increase the first-time fix rate. Help technicians complete the jobs with optimal labor time and right parts to improve profitability on the work orders.   

Access to Knowledge Resources

Improve the first-time fix rate by enabling the technician to access any resources that can guide toward accurate diagnosis and faster resolution.

mTECH is a unified app for Technicians to easily access:

  • Knowledge including operations and service manuals
  • Enhanced Schematics,
  • Illustrated Parts Catalogs, and
  • Technical Support

Get Help to resolve issues faster

Get instant help from experts from anywhere using virtual interactive presence.

Mize On AR/MR provides a deeper level of diagnostics and knowledge management through a collaborative, real-time experience.

  • Improve First Time Fix
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Boost Customer Experience
  • Increase Resource Utilization
  • Accelerate Service Resolution

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Access to Product 360

Mize Product 360 allows Technicians to access all information related to the product including:

  • Product Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Warranty entitlements,
  • Maintenance and Service Plans,
  • Service History
  • Real-time product information from IoT-enabled devices

Field Parts Sourcing

Integrated Parts Catalog, Parts Ordering, and Parts Support ensure that technicians have the parts available to complete the service job. The technician can request the parts from different inventory locations or order parts to be drop-shipped to the customer location.

The technician can now go prepared to solve the customer issue by taking the necessary Procedures, Tools, and Parts.   

Automate Field Service tasks

Increase Technician efficiency, eliminate paperwork and reduce overhead or administration costs by automating various field service tasks. mTECH provides the ability for Technicians to capture data needed for completing the work order, associated forms, invoicing, and product updates via online or offline at the work site.

Technicians can work on additional jobs by saving the time involved with inefficient paperwork, duplicate data-entry, and errors in billing.

Complete Work Order

Technicians can use Mize Service Order on any mobile device to record time, parts, expenses, and work descriptions. The technician can capture the information quickly by leveraging the mobile device capabilities such as barcode scanning, voice-to-text, handwriting recognition, and capturing pictures or video.

mTECH simplifies the entry of:

  • Time on Service Order for travel, billable and non-billable tasks
  • Failure data and task descriptions
  • Parts used on the service jobs
  • Expenses including travel, freight, or sublet work

Fill in associated Forms

mTECH allows technicians to fill in any related forms including

  • Inspections,
  • Checklists,
  • Site attendance reports, and
  • Safety or regulatory forms.     

The information captured on forms is associated with the work orders and instantly available for any required follow-up tasks.

Capture Digital signatures and approvals

Once the work order is complete, the Technician can present the work order, forms or invoice for customer signature and approval electronically.

The ability to capture approvals and payments provides many benefits including:

  • Efficiency by reducing errors and customer disputes
  • Reduction in the number of days to invoice and collect payments
  • Accurate and automated price calculation for labor, parts, and expenses
  • Avoidance of losses due to missing paperwork
  • Improvement in customer satisfaction from better detail and visibility

Increase profitability and Grow Service Sales

The field service workforce plays a vital role in not only delivering the service but helping to improve customer satisfaction and generate additional revenues. mTECH enables Technicians to captures additional value by

  • Quoting for services,
  • Offering service or maintenance plans,
  • Selling parts and accessories, and
  • Recommending related products and services

Orchestrate Field Service Performance

Departmental Silos, Disparate service applications, and disconnected processes result in:

  • Customer frustration and Churn
  • Poor visibility of service resources and lower productivity
  • Increased cost of field service staff, operations, and systems

Mize FSM Solution connects Customers, Service Technicians, and Brands to:

  • Simplify Customer Service by Connecting with Customers and Products
  • Improve Service Delivery by Mobilizing Service Technicians
  • Enhance Service Experience by Orchestrating Global Field Service Network

Mize Customer Central enables Brands to orchestrate field service performance that leads to more satisfied customers, productive field service workforce, and improved profitability.

Mize end-to-end Field Service Management solution enables companies to manage:

  • Field Service Requests and Orders
  • Field Service Dispatch and Scheduling
  • Field Service Automation
  • Warranty and Service Plan entitlements
  • Delivery of Knowledge, Parts Catalogs, and Service Content
  • Contact Centers to assist and guide Technicians
  • Parts, Tools and Material availability
  • Service Operations including Depot Repairs and Reverse Logistics

Manage Field Service Requests and Orders

Mize Customer Central managers field service demand from all channels in one place. The Service requests from Customer Portal, Contact Centers, Channel Partners, Service Technicians, and IoT-enabled products, as well as auto-generated Service Orders based on entitlements from Warranty, Service Plans, Maintenance agreements, and Service Campaigns, can be managed centrally.

Field Service demand organizations have the visibility into all work requests and can plan for Service Technicians, Parts, Tools and other resources for aggregated demand in the short term as well as over long term.

Manage Field Service Network

Companies deliver field service with their internal field service workforce, partner network that includes independent distributors, dealers or service centers, and subcontractors.

Mize Customer Central manages your global field service network and Service technicians with their skill sets, certifications, and availability.

The service managers from the dealers, service centers or subcontractors can manage the service technicians, parts, and tools at their locations providing visibility to the availability of all field service resources across a multi-tiered organization.

Field Service organizations can gain the visibility and actionable insights into technician schedules, work order status, service delivery, and customer feedback.

Optimize Field Service Dispatch and Scheduling

Service Orders are auto-scheduled based on various factors and priorities to optimize the utilization and productivity of field service workforce.

The field service dispatch takes into consideration

  • Technician skills, availability, standard and overtime costs, and time off
  • Customer preferences and SLAs from service contracts
  • The real-time changes and delays because of traffic and additional time on work orders

Field service organizations can

  • Increase the number of work orders technicians can complete through more efficient scheduling, routing, and planning
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the dispatchers by increasing the percentage of work orders that can be scheduled automatically

The Dispatch Console enables the dispatchers to assign or schedule work orders and make the adjustments necessary to meet the changing needs of field service fulfillment.

Mize field service management integrates with advanced scheduling and planning services to further automate the schedules, optimize routes, and take advantage of advanced scheduling algorithms.

Field Service Automation

Mize FSM solution enables you to automate various field service processes and digitize associated Forms.

You can define the templates for Inspection forms, field service reports, safety or regulatory forms.

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Manage Product Service Entitlements

Mize Warranty Management Solution enables Field Service Management to orchestrate

  • Warranty,
  • Service Plans,
  • Maintenance Agreements,
  • Product Entitlements,

Mize Warranty enables companies to manage the entire warranty lifecycle and helps field service organization to view and deliver as per the warranty entitlements.

Mize Service Plans enable companies to define and manage a full range of Service Contracts, Maintenance Agreements, or Extended Warranty programs to increase service revenue and profits. Manage Service Plan Coverages, Pricing, and Terms to meet the needs various customer segments.

Manage and Administer Plan sales, registrations, and entitlements.  Process claims and pay for services as per the plans. Gain insights into Plan earnings, loss ratio, reserves and profitability of the service plans.

Mize Service Plans enables to you manage the service programs internally or with the help of the Third-Party Administrators (TPAs).

Service Plan entitlements are visible to Contact Center agents, Service Centers and Service Technicians to help deliver the services as per the service agreements.

Improves the attach rate to generate predictable revenues and increase renewal rates through alters and notifications.

Generate Service Orders as per the maintenance agreements. The automated service scheduling helps manage the field service resources and deliver expected services to the customers.

Mize helps you manage all entitlements for each product from Warranty, Service Plans, Maintenance agreements, and  Service Campaigns. Product information is maintained throughout the service lifecycle to manage as maintained Product BOM, service history, and completed service orders.

Knowledge Management

Mize Knowledge Center allows the technical service organization to publish all service content including operating manuals, service manuals, service bulletins, and knowledge articles to be easily accessible by field service technicians from any device.

The relevant knowledge and work instructions can be downloaded to access offline at the work site.

Technicians benefit from having easy access to the most current and relevant knowledge.   

Integrate with Contact Centers

Contact centers can assist customers and dispatch their service requests to field service.

Technical Assistance Centers also can assist technicians with technical guidance, parts support, and help with service dispatch and scheduling.

Mize Support is an integral part of Mize FSM to help manage the support requests from customers and technicians. Mize FSM can also seamlessly integrate with other CRM systems using CX Connect.

Service Parts Management

Mize Parts provides Illustrated Parts Catalogs and Enhanced Schematics for identifying the right parts and assisting the technicians in completing the work. Service Orders and Support Requests are integrated with Parts to source and order parts as needed to fulfill field service.

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Service Operations

Field Service needs products to returned for Depot Repair, or parts returned for quality analysis. Mize Returns helps manage the returns and reverse logistics.

Mize Service helps manage Depot Repair Orders including product repairs, replacements, and trade-ins.

Integrated Service operations improve efficiency and effectiveness of the field service.

Connected Field Service Platform

Mize provides an end-to-end Field Service Management solution, powered by Connected Customer Experience Platform and Smart Blox.

Mize FSM solution enables companies to

  • Deploy Field Service Software rapidly and cost-effectively in Cloud using simple subscription model
  • Integrate Field Service Management with other enterprise systems and processes
  • Gain Actionable Insights from Field Service data to improve service performance and profitability

CX Cloud: Cost-Effective Field Service Cloud

Mize offers simple Software as a Service (SaaS) and Subscription model deploying the SM solution rapidly and cost-effectively.

All stakeholders including Customers, Channel Partners, and Company personnel can access the system from a web browser to access specific data and perform authorized functions.

Mize provides native mobile applications optimize user experience and allow service technicians to access information and perform tasks while in the field.

Technicians are required to work without connectivity in remote locations where Wi-Fi or mobile connectivity is not available. Mize enables technicians to perform certain functions offline and sync with the server when connected. Data can be collected and stored offline. Specific forms, knowledge assets can be downloaded for use while on site.

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CX Connect: Integrated Field Service Management

Mize CX Connect seamlessly integrates FSM processes with inventory, accounting, and other back-office or enterprise systems.

Mize FSM integrates with ERP, CRM, PLM, PLM, EAM, Fleet Management, Financial/Accounting, Warehouse Management, Third-Party Logistics, Advanced workforce management and Parts planning systems to improve the velocity of field service fulfillment and reduce duplicate data entry.

Service Technicians can access back-office systems or information from the mobile devices. Technicians with mobile devices can easily view product BOM, service history, and customer information from product 360 consolidating the information from multiple sources.

CX Insights: Field Service Reporting and Analytics

The FSM analytics powered by CX Insights enables all stakeholders in the field service value chain to access dashboards and metrics.

The data from all sources across all field service processes is consolidated into the central data warehouse to provide a single source of analytics. The KPI for Field Service Management such as Service Order profitability, Technician effectiveness, Mean time to repair, SLA performance, and Plan attach rates are easily accessible.

The reports can be scheduled and delivered via email to key stakeholders to keep everyone informed on field service performance.

Mize CX Insights enable a real-time feedback loop to improve product and service quality.

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ROI from FSM

Mize FSM solution combines many service functions into one unified solution that helps companies to orchestrate more effective customer service while reducing the operational costs.

Mize FSM helps companies realize many benefits:

  • Improve the customer experience
    • Shorten Response Time to customer on all channels
    • Better traceability and visibility into work orders
  • Improve Service Technician productivity by
    • assisting the technicians with knowledge, parts, and technical support
    • Increase service partner efficiency
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of field service organization through:
    • reduction in calls to contact centers by customers
    • the better dispatcher-to-technician ratio
    • Optimize Parts inventory and planning
  • Improve predictable revenues and profitability through
    • Increased attach rate of Service Plans and maintenance agreements
    • Additional revenues generated by Field Service Technicians
  • reduce the service order-to-cash cycle time through
    • Reduce Time to Invoice and errors pricing and billing
    • Completion of work orders and payments while at customer site
    • Availability of the right parts, tools, and knowledge to complete the work
  • Improve Field Service Operations
    • Gain actionable insights to improve field service metrics and performance
    • Increase Resource Utilization and Reduce Operational Costs
    • Get Greater Control of Field Service Business
    • Streamline and Automate the service processes

Mize: Your Field Service Management Solution Partner

Global organizations with thousands of Service Technicians, Independent Dealer networks,  complex products with multi-level Bill of Material (BOM),  and Global Field Service delivery needs use Mize FSM Solution to improve the Field Service Performance.

Mize global team of experts have decades of Experience in developing and implementing Service Lifecycle Management solutions.

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